If your top priority in business is…

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If your top priority in business is…

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After years marketing everything from SUVs to credit cards to diamonds, we decided to create a branding company that views success a little differently. Like you, we are passionate about creating positive change. We focus your brand so you can focus on what you do best: making a real difference.

We often hear that in order to find success, a brand must be

motivating and distinctive.

At Be Good Branding, we believe there is another element to success that is often overlooked by marketers: Authenticity. If people believe that you are genuinely passionate about making a difference, they will be passionate too.

The Brand Strategy

Your head is spinning. We totally get it. We’re here to help you focus.

The Process

How do we do what we do best?


We don’t like to make assumptions. So we listen. We listen to leadership, employees, customers, prospects. We’re open to learning why people care about your brand (and why they don’t - yet).


We know imagination is critical to brand success. So we imagine. We refuse to rely on what has worked for your competition or anyone else for that matter. We imagine what will inspire change in your people.


We plan. We plan because the best leaders don’t just dream, they focus on what it’s going to take to see their dreams take off.


If you had a great plan, but didn’t execute it, it might as well never exist. So we help you execute. We find people who care—not just about their work but about yours.

The Experience

We’re constantly learning.

We have experience


  • Loyal Customers
  • Referrals
  • Brand Awareness
  • Passionate Employees
  • Confidence
  • Happy Clients

working with

small brands:

  • Mr. Fox Composting
  • Sweet Baby Vineyard
  • StumpChunks
  • Pixels & Pulp
  • Sagamore Golf Center
  • Good Tastes Kitchen
  • Blue Egg Baking

working with

big brands:*

  • MTV
  • General Motors
  • Stanley Tools
  • Nextel
  • Stride Rite Corp.
  • Swiss Army
  • Monster.com

and applying a variety of contact strategies:

  • Cause marketing
  • Referral marketing
  • Social marketing
  • Partnership marketing
  • Website development
  • Email marketing
  • In-store communications
  • Event marketing
  • Employee programs
  • Sales presentations
  • Collateral development
  • Logo direction

* Work completed previous to Be Good Branding

The Results

The proof is in the pudding.

The People

We love what we do.

Bridget Sprague, founder of Be Good Branding, loves to discover insights about businesses, industries, and consumers. She was once told during a performance evaluation to stop putting the needs of others above her own. That’s when she knew it was time to move on because she’s happiest when helping others succeed.

Before creating Be Good Branding, she held positions in marketing and brand communications at Mullen Advertising, Stride Rite Corporation and Mechanica (a brand development firm). She has worked with large corporations such as MTV, General Motors, Stanley Tools, Nextel, and Swiss Army Works. She has also worked with local, small businesses such as Good Tastes (gourmet mac & cheese!) in Newburyport, MA. and Mr. Fox Composting in Dover, NH.

When she’s not working on building brands, she’s raising her three hysterical children with her patient husband Billy. Together they all love to search for bugs (the more legs the better), grow vegetables, and build sandcastles.